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Swing Dance

Level 1 - West Coast Swing 101

The Beginner lesson will be from 7p - 8p. This lesson comes FREE with your paid entry into the dance. This entry level lesson will teach you the basic footwork, connection and how to count the music. No partner necessary.

First time attendees to our club will receive a pass to return for a free admission to their next dance.


Level 2 - Intermediate / Upper Level

The Intermediate / Upper Level lesson will also be from 7p - 8p. This lesson costs $3 for members and $4 for sister club and $5 for non-members. This is for dancers who are very comfortable with the basic, social dancing and ready to add some new moves/variations to their skill sets. No partner necessary.

Learn more about our instructors HERE.

View our calendar to find out when our next dances are.

Workshop Weekend

Our hired professionals will teach:

One Lesson from 7-8pm
Social Dancing is from 8-11pm
Four One Hour Lessons from 2-3pm, 3-4pm, 4-5pm and 7-8pm
Social Dancing is from 8pm-11pm

Check out our upcoming workshops HERE.


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