About Our Board Members

Jayson Lockwood, President and Treasurer

Jayson is addicted to West Coast Swing dancing.  He learned to dance 20 years ago from Maria Blackwell, when she choreographed a Rumba wedding dance for him and his wife, Christine. Maria wanted him to have fun at the reception, so taught them Imperial Swing Dancing.  Jayson's interest faded some due to improper social dance etiquette with others judging his dance and back leading.  But with the persistence of Maria, Jayson had a switch flip.  Now, Jayson goes to every dance and dances every song until close.  He can't get enough. Jayson also  continues his swing interest with continual dance practice, music and theory training.


His addiction has lead him to be on the board, so as to preserve the St. Louis club and and continue West Coast Swing in St. Louis.   If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, he is here to listen and assist. 

Don't hesitate to ask for a dance.  He will always say yes... and with a smile.


Kerry Dickey, Vice President and Communications

Kerry has been dancing for many years and enjoys various styles of dance with East, West, and Imperial Swing along with Night Club Two Step and Cha Cha, but she does say that West Coast Swing is one of her favorites.  


She began volunteering for the St. Louis Rebels West Coast Swing Dance Club a few years ago and then joined the board just before COVID hit. That didn't stop her.  She has taken on many projects to assist the board becoming more organized and reach out to the community more.  Being on the Rebels board is her way of helping to ensure the continuation of her "wonderful club".  

Kerry is in love with our members and has made many friends since joining just 4 years ago.  Come ask for a dance any time. 


Christine Lockwood, Secretary and Marketing

Christine has been dancing for 20 years.  Like her husband, Jayson, she started with Maria Blackwell choreographed their Rumba wedding dance and taught them Imperial Swing Dancing.  Christine continued her swing dance weekly with the West County & South County Swing Dance Clubs.  She danced just about every dance.  When she wasn't, her and her girlfriends would be on the side of the dance floor swinging theirs hips to the beat to let potential dancers know that they could keep time and were eager to dance.

While dancing Imperial Swing with the clubs, Maria had suggested to dance with some West Coast Swing dancers.  Then the romance truly began.  Although, she'll dance Imperial, West Coast Swing is her true love.

Caring for those in need, Christine noticed that the St. Louis Rebels was one who would welcome the assistance. Her desire is to market the club and bring everyone together.  


Brittany Richardson, Board Member and Hospitality & Outreach

Brittany adores our St. Louis dance community and has been part of the West Coast Swing group for almost a decade and has been dancing for most of her life.


She joined the Rebels board to help facilitate growth and connectivity in the upcoming year. Her biggest goals are to uphold a platform for inclusivity, creativity, and of course kindness.


Aside from dance, she is a science enthusiast with a degree in chemistry. She also enjoys cheesy horror movies, playing video games, and hiking.


Lastly, she doesn't want you to hesitate to ask her to dance and looks forward to seeing you on the dance floor.

About The Club

The St. Louis Rebels has its humble beginnings in the spring of 2004, via weekly West Coast Swing dances run by the St. Louis Imperial Swing Dance Club at the original Sports Cafe. At the time, this was the only opportunity to take lessons on West Coast Swing on a regular basis in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Yearly Jack and Jill competitions were then offered, in order to bring the flavor of West Coast Swing competition to St. Louis.

In the Spring of 2006 and after much success of the weekly dances, the St. Louis Imperial Swing Dance club’s representatives Jan Altman and Larry Eigland asked to help build "St. Louis Rebels West Coast Swing Dance Club". Mike Bicklein and Dawn DeGrushe took on the challenge - and with the help of over 65 volunteers and supporters, formed the St. Louis Rebels as a 501c(7) nonprofit organization. Honorary mention goes to those that worked endless hours to ake this happen. Katie Slater-Hicks, Laura Dale Rutherford, Gayle Larson, Ruth Gilbert, Diane Kirley, Allen Kircher, Kathy Kennedy, Cory Johnson, Jennifer Vaughn, Mike Berkel, Natasha Berkel and many many more. Mike Bicklein served as the first president of the club and at the time was the youngest president in the country serving for a West Coast Swing Dance Club.

Over a decade after laying the foundations for the St. Louis Rebels, St. Louis has grown to have a terrific West Coast scene. Rebels still has Friday dances, and other clubs have used its example as inspiration to provide even more opportunities for "Westies" to practice their favorite dance in St. Louis.

Today, the St. Louis Rebels continues to pursue the same goals as it did back in 2006 - to foster a friendly and fun environment for social dancing, to enable its members to pursue their goals, and to provide a consistent opportunity to both work and play.


We are always seeking feedback, suggestions, and assistance - if there's ever something you're passionate about and want to see happen at the Rebels, don't be afraid to approach one of us!  If you also desire to join the board or volunteer at dances, there are many benefits such as free admissions, lessons and workshops.  Contact us anytime at rebelsmember@gmail.com to find out more.