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Rob Guinard

DJ Robbie G comes from a dancing family with parents who met dancing on the old Admiral Riverboat in the 1950s. Growing up square dancing and clogging in a professional exhibition group, he choreographed his first routine at the age of 15 and even danced on the White House lawn. As an adult, he started his own mobile DJ service in the 1980s.

Then in the 1990s, he competed on the country/western dance circuit with solo and couples’ teams while serving as head music coordinator and/or MC at numerous dance competitions. After taking a short break to raise his son and daughter, he discovered and fell in love with West Coast Swing with the Rebels Swing Club in the old Gazebo Room. Since then he has expanded his skillset to include Ballroom styles such as Night Club 2-Step, Cha-Cha, hustle and a few other social favorites.

These days he can be found dancing, DJing and teaching for many of the swing dance clubs in and around the St. Louis area.

Rob Guinard
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