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Rob Guinard

At the young age of 18, I received my first DJ opportunity because well, I had the biggest pile of records of all my friends! That led to starting my own DJ company, Access to Sound, which was a full-time occupation throughout the 80s, 90s and part-time until 2010. I have had a full-time career in Aerospace since 1991, but spent many of my evenings and weekends DJing nightclubs, wedding receptions, and dance competitions. After taking some time away to raise my kids and indulge in my personal love of dance, I ventured into DJing in the St. Louis swing community about 10 years ago.

Something I am very thankful for is that my 2 pound laptop entirely replaces my 300 pound record collection. All those years of transporting that irreplaceable music and hardware make it hard to part ways. But … Lynn would like it out of the basement!

I credit all the years of listening to and pleasing numerous ‘mothers of the bride' for motivating me to polish the art of song selection and maintaining the rhythm of the evening. I have years of studying music appreciation, song selection and beat mapping with lessons from some of the very best in the industry. Understanding and dancing in various genres including country, jazz, contemporary, party, ballroom and swing have given me the privilege to satisfy diverse ages, interests, and personalities. I play for the audience, not a prepared song list. I play to create an atmosphere that builds memories, brings joy, and motivates my listeners to dance, dance, dance!

Rob Guinard
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