Michigan Classic Competition 2015

Here is how Rebels Members performed in the Michigan Classic Competition last weekend:
Intermediate ProAm Routine
Julie Edwards and Matt Auclair 1st
Jennifer Vaughn and Matt Auclair 2nd
JnJ Masters Open
Goga Fortin 3rd
All-Star JnJ
David Brown 1st
Wesley Brown 3rd
Pro JnJ
Crystal Auclair 2nd
ProAm Strictly Novice Follow
Diana Burkholder and Matt Auclair 1st
Matt Auclair with Tal Shichor 3rd
ProAm Strictly Intermediate Lead
Crystal Auclair with Randy Peters
ProAm Strictly Intermediate Follow
Matt Auclair with Sarah Gomez 1st
Emma McNagny and Matt Auclair 2nd
Julie Edwards and Matt Auclair 3rd
Strictly Masters Open
Claude and Goga Fortin 3rd
Strictly Intermediate
Julie Edwards 2nd
Strictly Pro
Matt Auclair 2nd
Full results available through this link:

Swing Dance America 2015 competition results

Classic Routine
Matt Auclair with Erica Berg 4th
ProAm Routine Novice
Matt Auclair with Tobi Oberman 2nd
Joyce Fisher & Matt Auclair 5th
ProAm Routine Intermediate
Matt Auclair with Christine Miller 1st
Matt Auclair with Claudia 3rd
Swing Jack & Jills
Barbara Muz 6th
J&J Intermediate
Claude Fortin 2nd
Goga Fortin 3rd
Emma McNagny 8th
J&J Advanced
Christy Parker 6th
J&J All Star
David Brown 4th
Wesley Brown 6th
Katie Slater 7th
J&J Masters
Claude Fortin 1st
Goga Fortin 3rd
J&J Invitational Crossover
Matt Auclair 3rd
Crystal Auclair 4th
Strictly Swing
Basia Muz with Jason Pagsishan st
Strictly Intermediate
Claude and Goga Fortin 7th
Strictly All Star
David Brown 1st
Wesley Brown & Katie Slater 3rd
Strictly Champion
Crystal Auclair with Jerome Subey 2nd
Matt Auclair with Lemery Rollins 3rd
Hustle Jack & Jills
Christy Parker 2nd
Linda Guetterman 3rd
ProAm Strictly Swing
Basia Muz and David Brown 2nd
Joyce Fisher and Matt Auclair 5th
ProAm Just Hustle
Linda Guetterman with Billy Marti 6th