Tulsa Spring Swing 2015

Jack & Jill
Basia Muz 2nd
Joe Thompson 3rd
Diana Burkholder 2
Julie Edwards 1st
Christy Parker 1st and 3rd
Matt Auclair 1st
Wesley Brown 2nd
Diana Burkholder 2nd
Crystal Auclair 1st
Katie Slater & Matt Auclair 2nd
ProAm Routine
Julie Edwards & Matt Auclair  1st
Joyce Fisher & Matt Auclair 2nd
Matt Auclair with Maria Rodriguez 3rd
Mixed Jack & Jill
Diana Burkholder & Matt Auclair 1st
Wesley Brown 3rd
ProAm Strictly
Female Novice/Male Pro
Janet Reid & Matt Auclair 1st
Diana Burkholder with Terry Roseborough 2nd
Basia Muz & David Brown 3rd
Female Intermediate/Male Pro
Emma McNagny & Matt Auclair 1st
Female Novice/Female Pro
Diana Burkholder & Stevie Blakely 1st
Joyce Fisher & Crystal Auclair 2nd
Male Intermediate/Female Pro
Chrystal Auclair with Tim Acosta
Top Followers:
Diana Burkholder 3rd
Julie Edwards 4th
Top Pro:
Matt Auclair

Guest DJ Friday March 20th 2015

  • Guest DJ from Springfield Missouri Kelly Frey this Friday March 20th
    Bio: Originally from St Louis, but living in Springfield Missouri, Kelly teaches and dances out of her own studio there, Step by Step Dance. Teaching everything from ballroom to country to swing, Kelly has introduced many to the incredible world of dance, and has helped many others continue to grow in their dancing skills. Kelly believes in dance as a metaphor for life, in that both are an incredible gift and blessing that God uses to provide continued challenges, foster growth, and make us better individuals. Over the past 11 years of teaching Kelly has been asked to DJ for numerous events, weddings and parties, as well as her own studio related monthly dances. She loves west coast swing and is thrilled to DJ for the Rebels this month!

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Dance Camp Chicago 2015

Here are Rebels members who competed at Dance Camp Chicago 2015
My apologies to any competitor whose name was missed
Novice ProAm
Tobi Oberman 2nd place with Matt Auclair
Joyce Fisher 6th place with Matt Auclair
Intermediate ProAm
Julie Edwards 1st place with Matt Auclair
Newcomer ProAm Strictly
Maggie Sperkowski 5th place with David Brown
Novice ProAm Strictly
Ginger Johnson 3rd place with Brian Wong
Novice ProAm Over 40 Strictly
Gary Grotegeers 3rd place with Crystal Auclair
Diana Burkholder 1st place with Matt Auclair
Linda Guetterman 2nd place with Matt Auclair
Tobi Oberman 3rd place with Matt Auclair
Joyce Fisher 4th place with Matt Auclair
Donna Arvans with David Brown
Intermediate ProAm Strictly
Vangie Sponsler 1st place with David Brown
Intermediate Strictly
Vangie Sponsler
Advanced/All Star Strictly
Wesley Brown with Sheli Schroeder 1st
David Brown and Alyssa Aldn 4th
Chris Smoot and Christy Parker
Strictlies Country 2-Step
Newcomer Country 2-Step Strictly
Joyce Fisher
Novice ProAm Country 2-Step
Ginger Johnson 3rd with ?
Novice Country 2-Step Over 40 Strictly
Gary Grotegeers 2nd
Novice Country 2-Step Strictly
Gary Grotegeers and Ginger Johnson
Intermediate Country 2-Step Strictly
Alyssa Aldn 4th
Jack & Jill

Novice Jack & Jill
Emma McNagny 4th
Intermediate Jack & Jill
Chris Smoot 3rd
Advanced Jack & Jill
Ashley Brown
Christy Parker
All Star Jack & Jill
Wesley Brown and Alyssa Aldn 3rd
David Brown
Jack & Jills Country 2-Step
Newcomer Jack & Jill Country 2-Step
Emma McNagny 1st
Diana Burkholder
Joyce Fisher
Novice Jack & Jill Country 2-Step
Christy Parker 2nd
Intermediate Jack & Jill Country 2-Step
Alyssa Aldn 3rdJack & Jills