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Joel Torgeson


Joel Torgeson is a dancer, writer, and creator who wanders the world!

Joel’s dance journey has taken him all over. This includes flooring routines at the The Open Swing Dance Championships to making music videos in LA. If you’d like to grab a lesson or dance with him, check his upcoming events.

He received his BA from the University of Minnesota, where he developed his interest in human morphology and the power of statistical analysis under Professor Kieran McNulty and his love of ballroom dancing with the University of Minnesota Ballroom Dance Club’s Competition Team, where he served as President for two years.

Joel started writing a column for Sheer Dance magazine around 6 years ago (as of 2020) as a way of talking about things he didn’t see getting discussed in his dance community and to get some practice writing. That grew into the blog you see today. His writing is heavily influenced by that of authors Tim Ferriss and Ryan Holiday.

Joel is also the lead designer and founder of Feather Three, a clothing brand focused on bringing fun into the wardrobe of serious partner dancers in a casual way. There’s ton’s of styles and designs, so check it out!

Joel Torgeson
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